Table I

Protein identifications for spots whose entrance levels are greater than summer

Listed are the group identification as assigned by Melanie 4 during analysis (ID); 2-tailed t-test p value, all are p < 0.05; *, p < 0.01; **, p < 0.001; the average fold change in mean % volume Ent/SA (Fold change); number of gels in which a spot is clearly defined (n, SA) (n, Ent); protein identification(s); abbreviation of the protein name (Abbrev.); the molecular weight of the human homolog (MW); the number of peptides recovered from the database (No. of pept.) (Note: for the method for peptide counting, see “Experimental Procedures”); a representative NCBI gi accession number for one of the protein matches (Accession); and the species for the accession number given (Species). If multiple IDs were obtained for a spot, the names were listed in separate rows. For these, the group ID, p value, fold change, and n columns were left blank as they are the same as that of the preceding row. A complete list of peptides and their mass spectral parameters is available in a supplemental table. In No. of pept. column, * indicates the inclusion of ground squirrel peptides in the count.

IDpFold changen, SAn, EntProtein identification(s)Abbrev.MWNo. of pept.AccessionSpecies
1192.4186Pyruvate carboxylasePC1296338 11761615 Human
1201.8899Pyruvate carboxylasePC12963314 632808 Human
121*2.0898Pyruvate carboxylase (probable ID)
126*2.3879Saccharopine dehydrogenaseO954621021471 13027640 Human
127*1.7799Saccharopine dehydrogenase (probable ID)
1911.3499Valosin-containing protein (ER ATPase)TERA8932116 6005942 Human
2211.5199MitofilinIMMT836779 34855983 Rat
2221.3098No ID obtained
245*1.3599BiP (glucose-regulated protein 78)GR78723335 16507237 Human
246*1.5299NADH coenzyme Q reductaseNUAM795736 33519475 Human
2591.4199Dipeptidylpeptidase IIIDPP III825703 19527018 Mouse
BiP (glucose-regulated protein 78)GR78723332 6470150 Human
3181.2999Phoshoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 2PEPCK706378 4758886 Human
3611.5479Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductaseETF-QO685072 2498344 Pig
3751.3579Chaperonin theta subunit TCP-1 containingTCPQ596203 5295992 Mouse
403**1.3399Protein disulfide isomerasePDI571167 129731 Rat
421*2.6069Carboxylesterase 2Q8IUP4688981 37622887 Human
4241.5399Carboxylesterase 2Q8IUP4688982 37622887 Human
4291.2699Alpha tubulinTUBA4989510 13435777 Mouse
441*1.6099Alpha tubulinTUBA498957 27762594 Hamster
4581.5398Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 7 member A1ALDH7A1552353* 20070418 Mouse
472*1.7999Selenium binding protein 1SELENBP1523137 16306550 Human
4731.4999Selenium binding protein 1SELENBP1523135 16306550 Human
475**1.4599Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2DHAM563814* 14192933 Rat
Leucine aminopeptidaseAMPL560499* 27806565 Cow
4851.3799Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2DHAM563819* 118502 Cow
520*1.3199Proteasome 26S ATPase 4 isoform 1PSMC4473663 5729991 Human
527*1.3999Proteasome 26S ATPase 3PSMC3492032 6679503 Mouse
5621.9696Hydroxy methylglutaryl Coenzyme A synthase 2HMGCS2566353 5031751 Human
5841.3499Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A1EIF4A1461542 4503529 Human
592*1.5299Beta actinACTB417364 14250401 Human
5961.1299Small ribosomal protein P40RSP4328545 125970 Mouse
5981.1799Beta actinACTB417366 12654911 Human
609*1.3599Acyl coA dehydrogenase long chain specificLCAD476695 2829676 Pig
610*1.3599Succinyl CoA ligase ADP formingSUCLA2503314 21263997 Human
6801.3698UNR interacting proteinUNRIP384386 12643951 Human
718*1.5878Transaldolase 1TALDO1375403* 5803187 Human
720*1.3199Sec13-related proteinSEC13L1355682 2498892 Human
7331.2076No ID obtained
783**1.2489Malate dehydrogenase 1MDH1362955 15100179 Rat
795**1.5899Annexin 5ANXA5358055 4502107 Human
814*1.4199Annexin 4ANXA4357515* 113956 Human
904*2.2297PhenolsulfotransferaseSULT1A1341972 135009 Rat
951**1.3099Glutathione S-transferase mu 2GSTM2256136 6680121 Mouse
954**1.499926S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 9PSD9246547 23110944 Human
9651.3399Peroxiredoxin 4PRDX4305406* 27806085 Cow
Hypothetical protein Ab2–225 (group ID 1222)Ab2–225279034* 20270371 Human
983**1.4299Rho GDP dissociation inhibitorRho GDI 1253432 34875656 Rat
Apolipoprotein A1APA1307784* 4557321 Human
10171.5489Cathepsin BCATB378071 16555751 Pig
1031**1.5398UMP-CMP kinaseUMP-CMPK222224 7706497 Human
10431.4499Peroxiredoxin 2PRDX2218925 22324906 Hamster
10871.2999No ID obtained
11061.6099Interleukin 25Q969H8187952 18250288 Mouse
1138**3.6569Fatty acid-binding protein liver-specificFABP1142082 21618454 Human
1139**2.8299Fatty acid-binding protein liver-specificFABP1142083 7993935 Armadillo
12201.1799No ID obtained
12221.2699Hypothetical protein Ab2–225Ab2–225279035* 20270371 Human
1243*4.9236Hydroxy methylglutaryl Coenzyme A synthase 2HMGCS2566357 5031751 Human
12531.4499Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 member B1ALDH1B1572387 25777730 Human