Table III

Information about peptides for proteins that were identified from a single peptide

The group ID is given, along with the protein identification, the peptide sequence, the Sequest XCorr and ΔCN values, the peptide precursor mass and charge, the proportion of the peptide that was accounted for by recovered b and y ions, the accession number (GI) for the protein of best match, and the species of that accession number.

IDProtein identificationPeptide sequenceXCorrΔCNMass (charge)Ion propAccessionSpecies
126Saccharopine dehydrogenaseR.NSSQAVQAVR.D4.18270.25811060.1 (+2)88.90% 13027640 Human
421Carboxylesterase 2N.IAHFGGNPDR.V2.83040.20821083.99 (+2)83.30% 37622887 Human
349Carboxylesterase 3K.TPEEILAEK.S3.23440.22481030.09 (+2)93.80% 31542380 Rat
1017Cathepsin BK.KGLVSGGLYDSH.V3.73850.29091233.27 (+2)81.80% 16555755 Pig