Table II

Overview of heteromeric complexes in M. thermautotrophicus

Complexes are listed in the order of appearance in the text. The complexes are given with the Mowse score and sequence coverage (%) of the subunits identified, the calculated molecular masses of the subunits, and the observed and reported molecular masses of the complexes in kDa.

MTHAnnotationMowse scoreSequence coverageMolecular mass of subunitComplex molecular massReported molecular mass (Ref.)
Methyl coenzyme M reductase I250275 (4)
1164α subunit2093960.5
1165γ subunit1564529.1
1168β subunit1774248.1
Methyl coenzyme M reductase II250275 (4)
1129α subunit1783360.7
1130γ subunit3037330.6
1132β subunit1033447.5
Tungsten-dependent formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase100130 (32)
1557Subunit A1012462.9
1558Subunit C1245428.6
1559Subunit B1374948.9
Methyltransferase900670 (3)
1156Subunit H1605833.4
1157Subunit G113589.5
1158Subunit F77517.4
1159Subunit A633825.66
1161Subunit C581627.0
1162aSubunit D45522.8
1163aSubunit E1281731.2
Heterodisulfide reductase300/400250/500
1381Subunit A2104373.5(5)
1878Subunit C1063136.0
1879Subunit B963433.5
Methylviologen-reducing hydrogenase100/400500
1134α subunit2333852.9(5)
1135γ subunit542333.8
1136δ subunit894615.9
F420-reducing hydrogenase1,000800 (37)
1297β subunit1033430.8
1298aγ subunit1201425.8
1300α subunit1643345.2
A1 subcomplex ATP synthase400
953Subunit D1737124.5
954Subunit B2484451.9
955Subunit A3165564.9
956Subunit F755111.8
A0 subcomplex ATP synthase600
957Subunit C (γ)1053442.4
958Subunit E (ε)1637322.7
960Subunit I2663474.5
961aSubunit H1092011.8
Acetyl-CoA decarbonylase/synthase1,200
1708α subunit691486.1
1710β subunit1443051.7
1713γ subunit773350.2
Lipid biosynthesis precursor300
7923-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthase1272737.1
793Acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase1444440.5
Phenylalanine-tRNA synthetase300
742α subunit2734558.5
770β subunit1382269.4
Fe-S cluster assembly complex200
1149Ycf16 (homolog SufC)1104827.7
1150Ycf24 (homolog SufB)1764045.3
686α subunit1845427.5
1202β subunit1295822.8
Proteasome regulator800
540Rad50 ATPase2462997.6
728Proteasome-activating nucleotidase2053246.1
682RNA exonuclease (Rrp42)902229.9
683Ribonuclease PH (Rrp41)1495126.5
684Conserved protein (Rrp4)942834.7
891DnaG homolog1363142.5
250tRNA-intron endonuclease563519.7
  • a Identified by LC-MS/MS.