Table II

Functional classification for a subset of differentially regulated phosphopeptides

Functional categoryIncreased phosphorylationReduced phosphorylation
Pheromone signaling and regulationSte2p, Ste20p, Fus3p, Afr1p, Sst2p
Pheromone-induced transcriptionDig1p, Dig2p, Ste12p
Pheromone-induced cell cycle arrestFar1p Far11p
Regulation of actin cytoskeletonInp52p, Smy2p, Lsb3p, Vip1pCog3p, Bem3p, Spa2p
Vesicular transportSec16p Vps27p, Sec10pGga1p
Cell cycle-regulated genesCyr1p, Nis1p, Whi5p, Dbf2p, Cdc15pAce2p, Mcm3p, Net1p, Rfa2p, Stb1p, Swi4p, Dbf2, Cdc28p, Swi5p Mad3p, Orc6p, Msc3p,
Cell budding and cytokinesisPik1pBud3p, Bud4p, Cdc11p, Gin4p, Shs1p, Cdc3p, Mmr1p
RNA transcription, processing, transport, and metabolismRrp5p, Stp3p, Gfd1p, Nop4p, Puf4p, Dcs1p, Nup159p, Rlr1p, Taf4p, Rpc53p, Tfc7pYra1p
tRNA, translation and ribosomalDps1p, Grs1p, Stp3p, Rpg1p, Rpl13ApElc1p, Tif3p
Heat shock proteins and stress responseSsb2p, Sse1p, Msn4p, Sod1p, Sis1p, Ahp1p, Zrg8p
MeiosisMds3p, Pds1pGfa1p