Table III

Differentially regulated proteins during development of basal region in rice seedlings

No.aMMbpIbIdentificationcAmino acid sequencesdHomologous proteinRegulationePercentagefAccession no.g
kDa %
15556.95.5EdN-EVFFQEKFCalreticulin precursorDown100Q9SP22
16156.04.0EdN-EVFFQEKFED I-FSNKDKTLVLCalreticulin precursorUp100Q9SP22
50032.67.5Ed(N-blocked) I-VQYLHPHAGLVoltage-dependent anion channelDown100AJ251562
50232.57.2EdN-VGPGLYPEIG I-LQYSHDYAGVVoltage-dependent anion channelUp100Y18104
  • a The numbers refer to the spot numbers as given in Fig. 1.

  • b Molecular mass (MM) and pI are from the gel in Fig. 1.

  • c Methods of protein identification: MS and Edman degradation (Ed).

  • d N-terminal (N-) and internal (I-) amino acid sequences as determined by Edman degradation.

  • e Direction of change in protein level during development of the basal region: Up, increased; Down, decreased.

  • f The values indicate the sequence coverage for MS and the homology for the identity protein sequences for Edman degradation, respectively.

  • g Accession numbers in NCBI data base.