Table IV

Dramatically regulated proteins during development of the rice basal region

No.aMMbpIbIdentificationcAmino acid sequencesdHomologous proteinPercentageeAccession no.f
kDa %
a (78)66.84.4MS(N-blocked)Heat shock protein 8271Z11920
bEdN-EVFFQEKFEDCalreticulin precursor100Q9SP22
c (331)44.16.2EdN-DDVLALTESTPutative GTP-binding protein100Q09654
d (320)44.87.0MS(N-blocked)Not hit
eMS(N-blocked)β-Tubulin 790L10634
f (524)31.55.6MS(N-blocked)Cellulose synthase-like (CSLC2)37AF435650
g (534)31.07.0MS(N-blocked)Guichao2 RSSG8 mRNA90AY034141
  • a Spots a–g are shown in Fig. 2. The numbers in parentheses refer to the spot numbers as given in Fig. 1.

  • b Molecular mass (MM) and pI are from the gel in Fig. 1.

  • c Methods of protein identification: MS and Edman degradation (Ed).

  • d N-terminal (N-) and internal (I-) amino acid sequences as determined by Edman degradation.

  • e The values indicate the sequence coverage for MS and the homology for the identity protein sequences for Edman degradation, respectively.

  • f Accession numbers in NCBI data base.