Table III

Comparative results of yeast and bacterial two-hybrid screening

Accession numbers for clones are available on request.

YTH Clones Total/IndepBTH Clones Total/Indep
Clear Ras relevance
Ras relevance not known
    Homo sapiens suppression of tumorigenicity 132/1N
    Zinc finger protein 6163/1N
    Hematopoietically expressed homeobox1/1N
    RAS-related GTP binding1/1N
    Clone CS0DM007YF211/1N
    Chromosome 1 open reading frame 371/1N
    General transcription factor IIICN1/1
    Glutathione peroxidase 4N3/1
    G proteinN1/1
    γ-Interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductaseN1/1
    Latent transforming growth factor β binding protein 4N1/1
Previously described as common false positive
    CPEO mitochondrion2/1N
    90-kDa heat shock protein 12/1N
    Ribosomal protein L10a1/1N
    Ribosomal protein S71/1N
    T108 mitochondrion1/1N
    Ribosomal protein L26N1/1
    NADH dehydrogenaseN1/1
    Ribosomal protein S2N1/1
  • a N, not isolated.