Table II

Overall result in peptide identification of 20 samples from E. coli lysate achieved by using complementary fragmentation techniques compared to isotope-deconvoluted CAD and regular CAD

The average (Av.) Mascot peptide score is listed for peptide identifications with no score cutoff as well as the number of peptides identified at three different Mascot score thresholds (T = 0, 15, and 34). The relative change in the result is given in parentheses.

MethodAv. scoreT = 0T > 15T > 34
CAD unfiltered15.854852254615
CAD deisotoped18.4 (+17%)5728 (+17%)2634 (+17%)848 (+39%)
Complementary pairs31.0 (+96%)5290 (−3.6%)4094 (+82%)1919 (+212%)