Table III

Proteins up-regulated during early stage differentiation (day 2-specific)

Listed are representative proteins mapping to significantly enriched functional categories (GO terms) up-regulated in early stage (day 2) differentiating cells as compared with the myoblast precursor cell population (MB) or later time points. ND, not detected.

Functional categories (GO terms) and proteins identifiedMB2 days4 days6 days10 daysDescription
Nucleus (GO:0005634)
    CGBP_MOUSEND1NDNDNDCpG-binding protein
    VDR_MOUSEND1NDNDNDVitamin D3 receptor
    FM14_MOUSEND1NDNDNDFormin 1 isoform IV
    Q91ZW3ND3NDNDNDATP-dependentchromatin-remodeling protein SNF2H
Regulation of transcription (GO:0006355)
    O54978ND10NDNDNDZinc finger protein
    KLF4_MOUSEND1NDNDNDKruppel-like factor 4
    MEI1_MOUSEND1NDNDNDHomeobox protein Meis1
    NCR1_MOUSEND5NDNDNDNuclear receptor co-repressor 1
    FZD2_MOUSEND1NDNDNDFrizzled 2 precursor
    SMA4_MOUSEND1NDNDNDMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 4 (SMAD4)
    Q96ME7ND9NDNDNDZinc finger protein 512
    Q8VDM0ND2NDNDNDSimilar to lamin B receptor
Protein binding (GO:0005515)
    NTC3_MOUSEND3NDNDNDNeurogenic locus Notch homolog protein 3 precursor
    Q99MI2ND3NDNDNDRab6-interacting protein 2 isoform A
    TRIA_HUMANaND2NDNDNDThyroid receptor-interacting protein
  • a Putative mouse homolog detected.