Table V

Proteins down-regulated in response to exit from the cell cycle and terminal differentiation

Listed are representative proteins mapping to functional categories substantially down-regulated in differentiating myotubes (days 2–10) as compared with proliferating myoblasts (MB). ND, not detected.

Functional categories (GO terms) and proteins identifiedMB2 days4 days6 days10 daysDescription
Cell cycle (GO:0007049)
    CCT1_MOUSE1287NDCyclin T1
    CKS1_HUMAN2NDNDNDNDCyclin-dependent kinases regulatory subunit 1
    CUL3_MOUSE2NDNDNDNDCullin homolog 3
    SEP2_MOUSE272915128Septin 2
    SEP5_MOUSE21NDNDNDSeptin 5
    SEP6_MOUSE7ND1NDNDSeptin 6
    SEP7_MOUSE3818522Septin 7
    Q9QYX917331NDSeptin-like protein Sint1
DNA replication (GO:0006260)
    CAFA_MOUSE1NDNDNDNDChromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A
    DPO2_MOUSE1NDNDNDNDDNA polymerase α 70-kDa subunit
    MCM2_MOUSE22ND1NDDNA replication licensing factor MCM2
    MCM3_MOUSE12NDNDNDDNA replication licensing factor MCM3
    MCM4_MOUSE2NDNDNDNDDNA replication licensing factor MCM4
    MCM6_MOUSE2NDNDNDNDDNA replication licensing factor MCM6
    MCM7_MOUSE1112NDDNA replication licensing factor MCM7
    RBB4_MOUSE5522NDChromatin assembly factor 1 subunit C
Chromatin (GO:0000785)
    HDA1_MOUSE5111NDHistone deacetylase 1
    HMG1_MOUSE484112142High mobility group protein 1
    HMG2_MOUSE19851NDHigh mobility group protein 2
    MRC1_MOUSE145NDNDNDSWI/SNF-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily C member 1
    O5504721NDNDNDTousled-like kinase
Transcriptional repressor activity (GO:0016564)
    FXP1_MOUSE311NDNDForkhead box protein P1
    Q9R19021ND1NDMetastasis-associated protein MTA2
    RBB7_MOUSE211NDNDNDHistone acetyltransferase type B subunit 2
    SIP1_MOUSE1221NDZinc finger homeobox protein 1b
DNA topoisomerase activity (GO:0003916)
    TP2A_MOUSE11NDNDNDDNA topoisomerase II, α isozyme
    TP2B_MOUSE1322NDDNA topoisomerase II, β isozyme