Table I

Summary of trafficking and cytoskeletal/motor proteins identified in association with intracellular AQP2 vesicles in inner medullary collecting duct (see supplemental tables for full list)

SNAP, soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein; SCAMP, secretory carrier membrane protein; ARP, actin-related protein; AP, adaptor protein complex.

Small GTP-binding proteins
    Rab5A, -B, -C
    Rab11A, -B
    RalA (immunoblot only)
SNAREs and related proteins
    Reticulon 4
    VapA, -B
    Annexin I
    Annexin II
    Annexin IV
    Annexin V
Tetraspan proteins
Coat proteins
    Clathrin heavy chain
Clathrin adaptors
    AP1 β-1 subunit
    AP2 (several subunits)
    Sec6 (immunoblot only)
    Sec8 (immunoblot only)
Actin cytoskeleton
    ARP 2/3 (several subunits)
Myosins and associated proteins
    Myosin 1C
    Myosin IIA
    Myosin IIB
    Myosin VI
    Myosin IXB
    Myosin light chain 3
    Myosin regulatory light chain-B
    Myosin regulatory light chain-C
Microtubule proteins
Microtubule-based motor proteins
Intermediate filament proteins
    Cytokeratin 8
    Cytokeratin 18
    Cytokeratin 19
Heterotrimeric G-proteins
    Gβ1, Gβ2, Gβ3
    14-3-3 θ
    14-3-3 ζ
    Mannose 6-phosphate receptor
    Sortilin 1
    Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2N
    Vacuolar proton pump, subunit a
    Vacuolar proton pump, subunit d
    Valosin-containing protein