Table II

Highly significant “High level function” analysis

Function/Pathway analysis derived from Ingenuity pathway analysis of cICAT data of proteins with altered abundance of 1.75 or more. Protein no. represents the number of cICAT-identified proteins found in a particular functional grouping as determined by the application. Table represents functional groupings with greater than 20 protein found and significance < 1.00E-3.

FunctionSignificanceProtein no.
Cell cycle1.01E-4–4.92E-242
DNA replication, recombination & repair1.01E-4–4.58E-229
Protein synthesis1.26E-4–4.24E-249
Cell morphology7.62E-4–4.62E-232
Cellular assembly and organization7.26E-4–2.70E-229
Cell-to-cell signaling and interactions8.05E-4–4.92E-222