Table III

Partial list of highly correlated protein/ RNA by function or pathway

No. of cases, number of cases with p value 0.05 and positive correlation from 1000 permutation; Smallest ≤ 0.05, smallest positive correlation with p value ≤0.05.

Original Cor/p value(vsICAT)Time point of correlationNo. ofcasesSmallest ≤ 0.05p Value
BioCarta Pathway
    Cell Cycle, G1-S Check Point (n = 6)0.926642/0.00787524 h190.8160.048
    Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation (n = 4)0.9679508/0.0320524 h320.9510.049
    Influence of Ras/Rho on G1 to S (n = 10)0.6871/0.0281624 h270.6390.047
    Influence of Ras/Rho on G1 to S (n = 7)0.7885/0.03511Array260.7570.049
    uCalpain and friends in Cell spread (n = 10)0.7009515/0.0239318 h280.6360.048
    uCalpain and friends in Cell spread (n = 10)0.710019/0.0214221 h250.6350.048
    uCalpain and friends in Cell spread (n = 8)0.8931876/0.00280824 h230.7150.046
    Cell Cycle (n = 22)0.5011/0.0175121 h360.4290.047
    Integrin-mediated signaling (n = 15)0.8295/0.04115Array200.8160.048
    G-protein coupled receptor signaling (n = 15)0.7639/0.0009158Array250.9500.050
    Induction of Apoptosis (n = 4)0.9636/0.03637Array250.9500.050
    Mitosis (n = 7)0.82567/0.0221421 h260.7550.050
    Rho protein signal transduction (n = 7)0.8316/0.0203621 h260.7550.050
    Rho protein signal transduction (n = 7)0.82235/0.0231621 h260.7550.050