Table II

Identification of specific associated proteins of Rad53 under different conditions

Detailed data can be found in supplemental Table II.

ProteinDetected inAverage ratio (MMS/Control)No. of peptides quantitatedSD
Rad 53 (YPL153C)XaX37b0.4
Kap95 (YLR347C)XX2.2120.5
Srp1 (YNL189W)XX1.4110.3
Nup2 (YLR335W)XX62NAc
Asf1 (YJL115W)XX2.52NAc
Yta7 (YGR270W)XX2.691.1
HTA1/HTA2 (YDR225W/YBL003C)XX>102NAc
HTB1/HTB2 (YDR224C/YBL002W)XX561.7
Rad9 (YDR217C)XNAd2NAc
  • a X indicates the presence of the protein in the indicated sample.

  • b Rad53 hyperphosphorylation led to the stoichiometric depletion of unphosphorylated Rad53 peptides, so we only considered peptides located in the TAP-tag region.

  • c NA, not applicable when two or fewer peptides are quantitated.

  • d NA, not applicable when the corresponding peptide is not identified in the control sample.