Table III

Summary of the absolute quantification results obtained from the analysis of the six-protein mixture described in Table I

Alcohol dehydrogenase (bold) was used as the internal reference standard in both studies as discussed in the text.

Relative ratioAverage SR of top three peptidesProteinTheoreticalCalculatedErrorSR/pmol
pmol pmol %
1.25337,505Serum albumin12.512.50.127,000
1.00 269,861 Alcohol dehydrogenase 10.0 10.0 0.0 26,986
0.60161,116Phosphorylase B6.06.0−0.526,853
0.48129,280Hemoglobin (β)5.04.8−4.225,856
0.44118,244Hemoglobin (α)5.04.4−12.423,649
269,861NormalizationAverage SR/pmol26,121