Table III

A comparison between previously published Smt3 target proteins and the SUMO target proteins identified in this study

Ten proteins identified in our screen for SUMO-1 and SUMO-2 targets have yeast homologs that were previously identified as targets for Smt3. Consensus sumoylation sites are found in all these proteins except for Histone H2B and PBP1.

Protein nameAccession numberSumoylation consensus sitesYeast homologYeast accession numberSumoylation consensus sites
SUMO-1 target proteins
    Spectrin β chain, brain 1 Swiss-Prot:Q01082 Lys1108, Lys1957MLP1 YKR095W Lys57, Lys82, Lys105, Lys314, Lys590, Lys723, Lys753, Lys767, Lys820, Lys852, Lys1015, Lys1312, Lys1433, Lys1840, Lys1857
    UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-peptide N Swiss-Prot:O15294 Lys119, Lys337, Lys459CYC8 YBR112C Lys927
    ZMYND11 protein TrEMBL:Q5BJG6 Lys123, Lys389RSC1 YGR056W Lys24, Lys648
    Chromodomain helicase DNA-binding protein 2 Swiss-Prot:O14647 Lys125, Lys623, Lys702, Lys842, Lys1285, Lys1347, Lys1356, Lys1379CHD1 YER164W Lys599, Lys708, Lys1095, Lys1409
SUMO-2 target proteins
    Nuclear receptor co-repressor 2 Swiss-Prot:Q9Y618 Lys672, Lys863, Lys892, Lys1168, Lys1379, Lys1458SNT1 YCR033W Lys294, Lys432, Lys523, Lys534, Lys790, Lys949
    Ataxin-2-like protein Swiss-Prot:Q8WWM7 Lys573, Lys641PBP1 YGR178C Not found
    Ataxin-2 Swiss-Prot:Q99700 Lys435, Lys800PBP1 YGR178C Not found
SUMO-1,2 target proteins
    Histone H2B.q Swiss-Prot:Q16778 Not foundHTB1 YDR224C Not found
    Alkaline phosphatase Swiss-Prot:P05187 Lys297PHO8 YDR481C Lys432
    Chromodomain helicase DNA-binding protein HELSNF1 Swiss-Prot:Q9HCK8 Lys2, Lys233, Lys330, Lys375, Lys485, Lys734, Lys755, Lys1133, Lys1487, Lys1746, Lys1783, Lys1977CHD1 YER164W Lys599, Lys708, Lys1095, Lys1409