Table I

Overview of selected targets

IFA, immunofluorescence assay; WB, western blot; IP, immunoprecipitation; rec. antigen, reactivity with recombinant antigen; a.o., among others.

ScFvAntigenAccession number (PubMed, nucleotide)Molecular mass (on SDS-PAGE)FunctionLocalizationApoptotic modificationConfirmation of identity
B1H11PSF NM_005066 100Multiple functions, a.o. pre-mRNA splicing and retention of defective RNAs (48, 49)NucleoplasmHyperphosphorylation (37)IFA, WB, IP
p54nrb NM_007363 54NucleoplasmCleavage (removal of ∼4 kDa) (38)IFA, WB, rec. antigen
G1G10hnRNP CNM_031314 (C1) NM_004500 (C2)∼38Component of the spliceosome (39)NucleoplasmCleavage (removal of ∼2 kDa) (41)IFA, WB, IP
R3A4U1-70K NM_003089 70Component of the U1 snRNP complex (50)NucleoplasmCleavage by caspase-3 (to 40 kDa) (36)IFA, WB, IP