Table I

Clinicopathological characteristics of high risk breast cancer patients

DCTB patient numberAgeTumor typeaTumor sizeGradebAxillary nodal metastasisHormone receptor statuscPresence of macrocystsd
yr mm
5938D251NegativeER-α+ PR+
6072D302PositiveER-α+ PR−
6199D402PositiveER-α+ PR+
6285L252PositiveER-α+ PR+
6392D162NegativeER-α+ PR+
6452Tubular231PositiveER-α+ PR+
6581L501PositiveER-α+ PR−Yes
6660L702NegativeER-α+ PR+
6778L222NegativeER-α+ PR+
6851L352PositiveER-α+ PR+Yes
6986D252PositiveER-α+ PR+
7083D333PositiveER-α− PR−
7140D503NegativeER-α− PR−
7252D253PositiveER-α+ PR+
7375L501PositiveER-α+ PR−
7449D213PositiveER-α− PR−Yes
7562D203PositiveER-α− PR−
7676D302NegativeER-α+ PR−
7762L302PositiveER-α+ PR−
7831D323PositiveER-α− PR−
7956Apocrine351NegativeER-α− PR−Yes
8041D403PositiveER-α+ PR+Yes
8139L502PositiveER-α+ PR+Yes
8272D252PositiveER-α+ PR+
8357L452PositiveER-α+ PR+
8438D182PositiveER-α+ PR+
8580D302PositiveER-α+ PR−
8677D1102PositiveER-α+ PR+Yes
8766D253NegativeER-α− PR−
8883D352PositiveER-α+ PR+
8943D163PositiveER-α+ PR−
9049D403PositiveER-α− PR−Yes
9159D302PositiveER-α+ PR−
9249D273NegativeER-α+ PR−
9360D352PositiveER-α+ PR+
9457D213PositiveER-α− PR−Yes
  • a D, ductal; L, lobular.

  • b The histological malignancy grade was determined according to Elston and Ellis (101).

  • c ER and PR status was determined by IHC analysis according to DBCG guidelines. Tumors were regarded as negative when both receptors were expressed in less than 10% of tumor cell nuclei.

  • d As determined by visual inspection of the mastectomies.