Table I

Summary design of data sets (experiments A–F)

Replicate runs were performed in series with 30-min washes between runs. Load is expressed as the equivalent volume of plasma from which the sample was derived. Load factors express total or non-depleted (MARS flow-through) loads relative to experiment A.

ExperimentReplicate runsSampleLC systemEquivalent plasma volume loadedLoad factorPolySIS spike
Total proteinNon-depleted proteins
A10Depleted plasma digestLC Packings0.01111.3
B10Whole plasma digestLC Packings0.011011.3
C10Whole plasma digestEksigent0.00160.12.0
D10Depleted plasma digestEksigent0.010.612.0
E10Depleted plasma digestEksigent0.0333.33.36.0
F1_14Depletion 1, digest 1Eksigent0.0111
F1_24Depletion 1, digest 2Eksigent0.0111
F2_14Depletion 2, digest 1Eksigent0.0111
F2_24Depletion 2, digest 2Eksigent0.0111