Table II

Assignments of the variants for histone H2A contained in the first and second HPLC peak

First HPLC peak
    14,046.914,048.3−1.4H2AO + 1 Acc
    14,086.914,086.2+0.7H2AO + 1Pd
Second HPLC peak
    13,928.013,927.1+1.0H2AE + 1 P
    14,044.714,044.3+0.4H2AC + 1 Ac
    14,081.514,082.3−0.7H2AC + 1 P
  • a The molecular masses of the histones were determined after deconvolution of the multiply charged ion series using an automated program.

  • b The major protein variants were assigned. The other variants may be present at lower levels.

  • c Acetylation is represented by Ac.

  • d Phosphorylation is represented by P.