Table I

RNA-binding proteins identified in the proteomics

The table consists of RNA-binding proteins identified in the proteomics divided by class (hnRNPs, DEAD box helicases, ELAV-like proteins, and others). The top part lists proteins for which some published evidence implicates their presence in RNA granules (references given). The bottom part includes RNA-binding proteins for which there is no published evidence indicating their presence in RNA granules. Bolded proteins represent those examined in this study either by immuno-EM or localization of tagged proteins in hippocampal cultures. CYFIP, cytoplasmic FMRP-interacting protein; PTB, polypyrimidine tract-binding protein; ds, double-stranded; TAR, transactivation response region.

RNA-Binding Proteins previously identified in RNA granules
        hnRNP D (Auf 1) (16)
        hnRNP A1 (16)
        SYNCRIP/hnRNP Q1/Gry-RBP (16, 37)
        hnRNP R1 (16)
        hnRNP A/B (16)
        hnRNP A2/B1 (20)
        hnRNP A0 (16)
        hnRNP U(16)
    DEAD box helicases
        DEAD box 3 (16)
        DEAD box 1/DDX1 (16)
        DEAD box 5/17 (16)
    Other RNA-binding proteins
        ZCBP/IMP-2 (19)
        Nucleolin (16)
        Staufen 2 (14, 16)
        RNA granule protein 105 (45)
RNA-binding proteins not previously identified in RNA granules
        hnRNP K
        hnRNP C
        TAR DNA binding
        hnRNP L
        hnRNP X (E2)
        hnRNP H
        hnRNP M
    DEAD box helicases
        DEAD box 6
        DEAD box 9
        NORP1 (regulator of nonsense)
        DEAD box BAT-1
    Other RNA-binding proteins
        Zip code-binding protein 2/MARTA1
        Activator of dsRNA kinase
        Interleukin enhancer-binding factor 2
        Interleukin enhancer-binding factor 3
        Poly(A)-binding protein
        PAI-1 RNA binding
        Y box-binding protein 1 (mYB-1b)
    ELAV-like proteins
        ELAV-like 2 (Hu-B)
        ELAV-like 4 (Hu-D)
        ELAV-like 3 (Hu-C)