Table II

Co-localization of proteomically identified proteins

For each co-localization, 5–25 cells were examined. The first column shows the co-expressed marker; fluorescently tagged expressed protein was used for all except for poly(dT) where FISH was used and for Staufen 2 and P0 where antibodies were used. The second column shows percentage of expressed DEAD box 3 puncta that contained staining for the other marker. The reciprocal column represents the percentage of puncta with the other marker that co-localized with expressed DEAD box 3. The next two columns show similar results for expressed CGI-99. ++, >60% co-localization; +, 30–60% co-localization; +/−, 10–30% co-localization; −, <10% co-localization; NA, not applicable; ND, not determined.

Co-localized markerExpressed CFP- or YFP-DEAD box 3Expressed CFP- or YFP-DEAD box 3 reciprocalExpressed CFP-CGI-99Expressed CFP-CGI-99 reciprocal
ELAV-like 4+++++/−+/−
hnRNP C+/−++NDND
Poly(dT) (FISH)+++NDND
Staufen 2+/−+/−+/−+/−
DEAD box 3NANA+/−+/−
P0+ (+/− for endogenous DEAD box 3)+/− (+/− for endogenous DEAD box 3)NDND