Table III

Functions and gene ontology of potential UBX protein partners (

Some proteins have many functions and are thus listed multiple times. The functions of proteins not included in this table are unknown. EF2B, elongation factor 2B; RPL22, ribosomal protein L22; RPN6, protease p44.5 subunit; RPS13, ribosomal protein S13; TRN, tartan; ZF30C, zinc finger protein 30C; Pol, polymerase; TGF, transforming growth factor.

Functional classSpecific functionGene ontology no.
Transcription regulation
    14-3-3εTranscription regulator0030528
    ALRNA Pol II transcription factor0003704
    ALYTranscription co-activator0006352
    APTTranscription regulator0003702
    ARMTranscription co-activator0003713
    CYCKTranscription regulator0030528
    HairyTranscription repressor0016565
    DMI-2Transcription repressor0016564
    NOCTranscription regulator0003702
    SMOXTranscription regulator0030528
    TFIIEβGeneral RNA Pol II transcription factor0016251
    ZF30CTranscription factor0003700
DNA binding
    DIP1aChromatin binding0003682
    DMI-2DNA helicase0004003
    RAD23Damaged DNA binding0003684
Signal transduction
    14-3-3εProtein kinase C inhibitor0004863
    ARMWNT receptor binding0016055
    CYCKProtein kinase activator0019209
    DSHNotch and WNT signaling0005112
    NMOSerine/threonine kinase0004674
    SMOXTGF-β cytoplasmic mediator0005072
Nucleotide phosphatases
RNA binding/processing
    ALYRNA-binding protein0003723
    APTRNA binding0003723
    CBP80pre-mRNA splicing factor0008248
    DIP1adsRNA binding0003725
    ZN72DRNA binding0003723
Nucleic acid binding
    RPL22Nucleic acid binding0003676
    RPS13Nucleic acid binding0003676
    EF2BTranslation elongationfactor0003746
    RPL22Ribosome component0003735
    RPS13Ribosome component0003735
    ALYChaperone activity0003754
    HSC70-4Chaperone activity0003754
    ARMCytoskeleton component0005200
    TRNStructural molecule0005198
  • a Previously identified UBX-interacting protein (24).