Table I

S. typhimurium peptides observed for each method

Totals for each method preparation are listed in bold in the corresponding row. Counts and percentages of peptides shared between the methods are shown. (percentages are derived by dividing the value by the maximum value for that row). Total peptides that are only found in one method are listed in the farthest right column. The aggregate values are shown for the different culture methods, but the trends held when individual conditions were analyzed. Therefore, they constituted pseudoreplicate analyses.

Peptide list
GlobalSolubleInsolubleRapigestUnique to method
Global 24,511 18,102 (74%)10,426 (43%)15,261 (62%)3,517
Soluble18,102 (72%) 25,153 9,572 (38%)14,868 (59%)4,726
Insoluble10,426 (62%)9,572 (57%) 16,756 12,544 (75%)2,863
Rapigest15,261 (62%)14,868 (60%)12,544 (51%) 24,717 4,943
Total 41,880