Table I

Overview of induced uveitis experiments

The immunization dosage of cRALBP or the respective control antigen is given in column 3 for each individual animal (columns 1 and 2). The results of the cRALBP autoantibody ELISA are given as A450 nm (column 4) using 1 μg of cRALBP/ml as coating antigen and a 1:1000 dilution of the tested sera. Column 5 shows the stimulation index in the in vitro proliferation assay. PBLs from horses and spleen-derived leucocytes from Lewis rats were used for this assay.

SpeciesImmunization antigen and dosageA450 nm cRALBP ELISAT cell stimulation index cRALBP
    1500 μg of cRALBP0.3362.4
    2500 μg of cRALBP0.3014.0
    3500 μg of cRALBP0.2103.0
    4500 μg of BSA0.0781.0
    5500 μg of BSA0.0891.0
    6500 μg of BSA0.0791.0
Lewis rats
    Experiment 1
        1100 μg of cRALBP0.40323.0
        2100 μg of cRALBP0.42726.0
        3100 μg of cRALBP0.44226.7
        4100 μg of cRALBP0.3821,2
        5100 μg of cRALBP0.44726.7
        6100 μg of cRALBP0.45740.3
        7100 μg of IL-12p400.1741.0
        8100 μg of IL-12p400.1451.1
        9100 μg of IL-12p400.1681.1
    Experiment 2
        1075 μg of cRALBP0.43313.7
        1175 μg of cRALBP0.4198.6
        1275 μg of cRALBP0.4499.0
        1375 μg of IL-12p400.1150.9
        1475 μg of IL-12p400.1422.3